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The Doors To The Private Practice With Soul: 
Inner Circle Open Twice Yearly
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It only takes 3 Simples Steps

To Learn How to Use Masculine and Feminine Energy along With other Spiritual Tools, Apply The Tools Professionally to Your Business Model, Then Receive new Inquiries, Opportunities and Income that's divinely yours

Step 1: Plan It
  • So that you can create the practice that feels like a true reflection of your values
  • ​Move ahead in the business confidently, knowing what you are doing is professional
  • ​Know exactly what’s required at each step of creating an aligned private practice
Step 2: Prepare It
  • Learn about masculine and feminine energy and create balance in the practice
  • ​Apply spiritual frameworks to problem solve in the business
  • ​Create routines, rituals and daily practices that set you up for ongoing success 
Step 3: Create It
  • Take the practice from vision to reality 
  • ​Understand how to apply energy principles to maintain success in the business
  • ​Marry masculine and feminine energy to establish structures and processes that invite inquiries, referrals and bookings
Keep working in misalignment or...


Become A Private Practice Inner Circle Member

Join the Inner Circle where I’ll show you how my clients and I Receive more while doing less. 

The Circle teaches you ancient ways of accessing and utilising the resources you already carry within 

Shows You How to increase your financial security and stability

Teaches you How to set your practice up to receive inquiries and referrals from clients you want to work with 

and it achieves this by giving you a proven approach to applying the Universal Laws, Oracle Card work, masculine and feminine Energy and more to everyday tasks in your business that can significantly increase both your alignment and your results.  

for only $49/MONTH 
  • 24/7 same day support in our members only group
  • ​​You can request help each week
  • ​Bi-Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls 
  • ​Access to the tools & experience of an established business
  • ​Save $$$$ and pay just a fraction of standard coaching fees
  • ​Get a growing library of hours of in-demand video training
  • ​Get feedback on your work 
  • ​Get help to finding clarity in your practice with proven approaches to integrating spirituality with running your practice
  • ​Feel aligned with every aspect of the practice
This is like joining a group coaching program or
Hiring an Expert To Help You Bring the practice into alignment and improve your results

While paying just a fraction of the usual cost

Wait There is more
If you Join Today You'll also get

A members only support group
  • Connect with private practice owners that are on the same journey.
  • Get continuous support and all your questions around marketing, admin and systems answered within 24 hours
  • ​Get an inside peak of what is working for others and help implementing it inside your private practice
  • Including coaching for accountability, implementation & tech help!
Planners, Workbooks & Templates
  •  Private Practice Vision Board Workbook - Extended Version 
  •  ​Private Practice Intention Setting Workbook - Premium
  •  Vision Board Template
  •  Private Practice Energy Workbook - Premium
  •  The Energetics of Naming Your Private Practice Workbook
  • Branding Vision Board Template
  • Branding Checklist - Extended Version
  • Branding Template for Private Practice 
  • ​ Facebook Ad Copy Templates
  • ​ Salespage Planner and Copy Templates
  • ​ plus more coming soon!
Spirituality tools, resources and processes
  • Learn how to use oracle cards professionally in your private practice
  • Use my proven reading templates 
  • Activate success with guided meditations and visualisations
  • Secrets to effective affirmations that can be used to attract abundance in the practice 
  • ​Processes for connecting with your inner wisdom
  • ​Processes for developing the skills of trust and surrender
  • ​Masculine and feminine energy training and worksheets that empower you to use these frameworks to advance results in the business
  • ​Daily practice activity sheet / tracker
  • ​Learn about quantum leaping and how to use it to accelerate results in your practice
Vision to Reality Processes and Tools
  • Daily Energetic Alignment Task List
  • Energy Tools for Naming Your Private Practice: Resource List
  • How to Infuse Your Logo with the Energy of Your Private Practice: Guided Visualisation and Tip Sheet
  • Understand the Role of Masculine and Feminine Energy in Private Practice: Audio Training
  • Release Resistance to Old Money Wounds Cheat Sheet
  • Inner Circle Private Practice Money: Spreadsheet
  • x2 Client Welcome Packet: Templates
  • My Proven Implementation Guide on the 4 Levels of Energetic Consciousness in Private Practice and How to Use Them to Build Confidence and Alignment
  • And more added each month!

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$49 every month
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